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The Seasonal Bee: Be Inspired.

It’s still a relatively new year, with much promise ahead and yet another chance to pursue long term goals and dreams, so why not get inspired? Make a list of all those new years resolutions. Read a motivating novel, go to a place that inspires you or listen to music that you like in particular. Read more…


The Blue Cow

When you’re feeling sad, listen to sad music. It might make you feel better to know that someone out there is more depressed than you are 😛

The musings of a pessimist

As I sit in front of my laptop, pondering over what to write for my first blog post, I chastise myself for not being nearly as witty as half of the other writers on this site are. “What I write must be phenomenal and inspiring. It must be bold, daring, something never-before-thought-of and most importantly, intelligent” I thought to myself. But after thinking, beating my head against the desk and a few games of temple run on my phone, I realized that Read more…

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