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The Interview – Follow up

interviewSo about a week ago I did a blog post on getting ready for a job interview. Boy was I nervous. Have any of you been really afraid of not getting something that you really want? – That was me, the entire of last week. I would literally break out into a nervous sweat just thinking about the result. I was going for an I.T job at a software engineering company, and was up against 2 other guys (and from what I guess they were older than me because the interviewer was surprised I was only a first year uni student). I was quite sure I wouldn’t get it because a) I had no experience and b) I had no experience. However, come a few days later and I get a call at 10 a.m. in the morning with the interviewer congratulating me on my new position! :O It just shows how enthusiasm and passion goes a long way.

Honestly I was incredibly lucky in getting this position. I saw the job ad the day it was to expire and upon reading the job description I kept thinking this would be an amazing opportunity, but I don’t have enough experience or knowledge. So I debated and fiddled for a while, but then I realized, what do I have to lose? Worst comes to worst they say no and I move on to something else.

It just goes to show what a leap of faith can do. So I encourage all of you to try the unexpected and relish each opportunity.- You never know where it might get you. 🙂

Has anyone had a similar experience? 😀


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