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Napoleon Perdis Empress Lip Palette- Review

I am a lip girl. I’ve got double eyelids (the asian kind ;P) and have always struggled putting on eyeshadow (in a way that doesn’t look like I’ve been punched in the eye a few times D: ). So to make up for this, I typically sport a thin black eyeliner with a soft wing and a bright lip colour. For me personally, it’s always been a rule to either have bold eyes or bold lips, never both as it can look a bit over done, – unless you have the type of face that can pull of anything, in which case lucky you :D. In a way, I’ve always admired how the right blending and shading of eyeshadow typically looks amazing on people with prominent eyelids and even mono-eyelids. However due to the lack of ‘amount’ of eyelid I have, I’ve usually had to resort to a simple liner. 😦

SO! To get to the point of this post, as I said earlier, I am a girl who relies on the right lip shade to add that pop of colour. Needless to say, the majority of products I purchase are lipsticks. 

I purchased the Napoleon Perdis Empress Lip Palette a while ago and have been using it for the past week. Image


It consists of 12 lip shades and comes in a really nice compact case with a small circular mirror on the cover (big enough to view your lips). 

What I like about the product:

It has a variety of different colours that can be used in different ways. So while it says that it’s a lip palette, not all colours need to be used on the lips. I often like to use the pink shade (located at the second row at the top left) as a light cream blush that I use to contour my cheekbones slightly.

These colours can be blended together (some shades better than others) to create a really nice lip shade. 
It has a nice moist texture to it. 

The colours are universal (you don’t really have any odd colours that only suit a certain type of skin tone). Keeping to the natural soft pink and nude tones, these colours would look good on the majority of women.

What could be improved.

If you have dry lips like me, moisture before you put it on is a MUST. I wouldn’t say it glides on easily. 
The overall coverage with most of these shades (particularly the lighter ones) are very sheer. (To get a more opaque look, I would suggest using lip liner to fill in your lips beforehand, especially if you have a few beauty spots on your lips like I do :P)
It doesn’t really smooth on so easily. In my opinion this could be because a) my lips are slightly dry and/or b) the product is quite thick. To rectify this, I attempt to pat the product onto your lips, slowly building intensity. (The down side is that it may take more time to apply and uses a lot more product).

Product info:

As stated above it comes in 12 lip shades.
The amount of product seems fairly decent, especially if you’re looking for sheer coverage.
They all typically have a glossy finish.

Would I recommend this?

If you’re a lip girl like me and/or like to change your lip colour often, don’t suffer from dry lips and is looking for sheer to medium coverage, I would probably recommend this. If you have excessively dry lips however, I would probably advise you try a product with more opaque coverage with a smoother/thicker texture(as personally I’ve found this helps to prevent dryness of the lips)

Where to buy?

Myers, or any individual Napoleon store and their website.

Me wearing the colours from the Empress Lip Palette: ^_^



^This is what it looks like with built up intensity. Took quite a few layers to achieve this level of opaqueness. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, I know there’s quite a bit of noise in it. 

If you have tried the Napoleon Perdis Empress Lip Palette, I’d love to hear what you thought of the product and how you found it. 😀

Thanks for reading guys! 🙂  – Hope you have a lovely week



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