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The Interview – Follow up

interviewSo about a week ago I did a blog post on getting ready for a job interview. Boy was I nervous. Have any of you been really afraid of not getting something that you really want? – That was me, the entire of last week. I would literally break out into a nervous sweat just thinking about the result. I was going for an I.T job at a software engineering company, and was up against 2 other guys (and from what I guess they were older than me because the interviewer was surprised I was only a first year uni student). I was quite sure I wouldn’t get it because a) I had no experience and b) I had no experience. However, come a few days later and I get a call at 10 a.m. in the morning with the interviewer congratulating me on my new position! :O It just shows how enthusiasm and passion goes a long way.

Honestly I was incredibly lucky in getting this position. I saw the job ad the day it was to expire and upon reading the job description I kept thinking this would be an amazing opportunity, but I don’t have enough experience or knowledge. So I debated and fiddled for a while, but then I realized, what do I have to lose? Worst comes to worst they say no and I move on to something else.

It just goes to show what a leap of faith can do. So I encourage all of you to try the unexpected and relish each opportunity.- You never know where it might get you. 🙂

Has anyone had a similar experience? 😀


Getting Ready for that big job interview! :O

Getting Ready for that big job interview! :O

My new years make-up haul, just in time for that big job interview. I am super psyched to have landed a second job interview at a terrific software engineering company called Odecee. Needless to say I am really nervous and I totally hope I get the position D: There’s no better way to make yourself feel more confident with the right shoes, dress and makeup. Here’s my makeup haul! I’ll be using the photoready kit (posted in my previous entry), liquid eyeliner from Maybelline, Photoready Bronzer, shadowstick, nude lipstick all from Revlon, an eyelash curler from manicare and lip liners and eye liners as well as a powder highlight from Elizabeth Arden (A really great Australian Brand), Wish me luck guys! I really hope I get the position! 😀

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