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Introducing, Fame & Partners….


Introducing Fame & Partners, a proudly Aussie owned formal dress site. Get ready for prom season, glam up and catch the eye of that special someone. They have a variety of fashionable dresses for the modern, independent woman.

Launching just in time for prom season, Fame & Partners is offering a category in itself unique to this memorable occasion. Introducing some perfectly plush and always current looks for prom, there are endless styles to choose form that are matched to their personal color preference and body shape.

Discover, where customers take a Style Quiz and are matched to the perfect dresses for them;

Explore, where customers immerse themselves in understanding the inspiration behind Fame & Partners dresses;

Create, where customers can make customizations such as color and cut to ensure the dress is made by them, only for them; and

Style which is a personal customer experience with Fame & Partners’ in-house stylists who actively source the coolest accessories suitable to complete each customer’s unique look, for free! 

Check it out today! 😉


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